Number 1

Quick Change Wing Assembly:

The Clinch Solution™ patented design allows the wing details to be removed from the tooling without taking the entire unit apart. This saves valuable press time and can be maintained in the press. Part of our patented design is that we use a tortional spring for maximum performance.
Quick Change Wing Assembly
Number 2

No-Clamp Sensor Wire Holders:

This feature is machined into the head to clamp the sensor wire into a protective pocket. It naturally holds the sensor wire without any fasteners or tools needed.
No-Clamp Sensor Wire Holders
Number 3

Process Monitoring Anvil:

The process monitoring anvil is an option that allows the user to monitor the nut location at every step of the clinching process. This provides a quality control check on every fastener indicating a good or bad clinch. The control panel can give an output signal to remove the bad clinched part during the stamping process.
Process Monitoring Anvil
Number 4

Two Piece Anvil:

This Clinch Solutions™ design allows the user to change out only the bad side of the anvil making it cheaper and easier to maintain. It also saves from having to replace the seal each time the lower anvil is replaced. The offset screw design lets the upper part of the anvil lock as the screw is being tightened to attach the lower anvil.
Two Piece Anvil
Number 5

Composite Sensor Holder:

The composite sensor holder allows the sensor to be held firmly in place without the sensor being exposed to the elements. This protects the sensor nose from ever being adjusted into the fastener. It has a window within the holder to view that the sensor is in the right location.
Composite Sensor Holder
Number 6

Carbon Fiber Composite Bridge:

The carbon fiber composite bridge firmly connects the anvil side of the head to the feeder side. This patented design combines features like an embedded sensor, wire covers, embedded air lines and vent holes to extinguish excess air.
Carbon Fiber Composite Bridge
Number 7

Composite Bridge Cover:

This easy snap-in cover allows the sensor wires to be completely contained within the bridge protecting them from being cut or damaged by the elements.
Composite Bridge Cover
Number 8

Manifolded No-Snip Airlines:

This benefit allows the air used in this tooling to be manifolded through the internal workings of the entire assembly. This removes the need for external airlines that can be easily cut or broken.
Manifolded No-Snip Airlines
Number 9

Combined Electrical and Pneumatic Hood:

The Clinch Solutions™ patented design hood allows the end user to quickly change the electric and pneumatic connections in one action. All of these features are stored in the quick change area of the unit.
One Piece Electrical and Pneumatic Hood
Number 10

Low Friction Flexible Shot Tubing:

The low friction shot tubing has grooves designed throughout to allow the nuts to glide thru at a very low friction. This requires less force to drive the fastener into the tooling much quicker.
Low Friction Shot Tubing
Number 11

Quick Change One Piece Attachment:

This Clinch Solutions™ feature is a composite 3D printed part that allows the shot tube to be easily attached to both the feeder and fastener tooling using the quick change feature. It has shark bite teeth that when the screws are tightened into the shot tubing, it will grip the tubing and produce a leak-proof attachment.
Quick Change One Piece Attachment
Number 12

Safety Sensor for Quick Change Attachment:

This is a safety feature which ensures that the unit will only shoot a clinch component into the tool if the sensor sees the quick change attachment is correctly installed.
Safety Sensor for Quick Change Attachment
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